Rev. Brien Egan CRM, CKRM, CHT has been a teaching and practicing transpersonal 

hypnotherapist and mindfulness/meditation teacher for over 12 years and has taught many students (children and 

adults) by helping them overcome problems and issues in their lives. In his sessions and classes he teaches people how to 

overcome, release, integrate, and transform the negative patterns in their lives to create new positive patterns by using 

spiritual ideals and affirmations.He is also a certified special education teacher and also taught children and families 

through his summer camps he created to teach quantum physics and spiritual concepts. He is an ordained minister 

ordained by the Essene New Life Church and has performed six weddings.

What Is Transpersonal Hypnotherapy?

by George Heisler

        Transpersonal means the crossing of Body, Mind, and Spirit.Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is an orientation toward 

hypnotherapy that is shared by an increasing number of holistically oriented practitioners who are ready to take the 

concept of holism to the next logical step. Where holism takes body, mind, and spirit into consideration, 

transpersonalism goes beyond the individual to consider the deep connections between human beings and our capacity 

to transcend the limitations of a three dimensional consciousness. In transpersonal hypnotherapy, there is an emphasis 

on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the assumption that the guidance of a higher power 

will prevail within the therapeutic relationship.

       The philosophical question then becomes are we a human being having a spiritual experience? Or a Spiritual being 

having a human experience? A transpersonal hypnotherapist would certainly maintain that we are a spiritual being having 

the experience of being human.


       Transpersonal Hypnotherapy concludes that we as human beings operate on all three levels: body, mind, and 

spirit, with each component being affected by the other. For example: if you exercise the body vigorously you feel better 

psychologically and stronger spiritually.

       Because we as humans are of a spiritual origin this part of the therapeutic model should not be overlooked within 

the practice of corrective hypnosis. Transpersonal hypnotherapy embraces the clinical qualities of hypnosis, but extends 

treatment to the client’s higher dimensional realities for corrective interventions, when it is considered to be appropriate 

for the client’s benefit.

       By accessing these higher dimensional realities the super-consciousness (spirit) of the client is then incorporated 

into the restorative process more extensively. Altered states of consciousness is the avenue, and Transpersonal 

Hypnotherapy is the vehicle that is used to explore the fascinating realm of the superconscious mind. It is a journey we 

go on which accesses information beyond the five senses, which transcends the body and ego boundaries as we examine 

our beliefs, our strengths, and our weaknesses in an attempt to understand our higher self and bring about self-

actualization and the healing we need. It encompasses a number of approaches that honor the spirituality of the client 

and goes beyond the individual to consider the deep connections between human beings and our capacity to transcend the 

limitations of a three dimensional consciousness.

       Recognizing the whole person on a physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual level, there is an emphasis 

on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the belief that the guidance of the superconscious 

mind will prevail within the corrective relationship, bringing into accord those insights and experiences that lead to the 

client’s highest good.

       This way of working has a history as long as hypnosis itself with time tested spiritual traditions of enlightenment 

and liberation. It will help relate experiences within a person’s life as a meaningful part of personal development in 

which an individual can have the opportunity to grow into a greater sense of who they truly are.