Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM is an author,

 a certified hypnotherapist, a reiki master, karuna reiki master, pranic energy worker, 

sound healing practitioner, EFT practitioner, quantum touch practitioner, sedona method 

practitioner, chakra cleansing teacher, qi gong teacher, an ordained minister from the 

Essene New Life Church and has his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Special 

Education. He has been practicing and teaching spirituality for over 15 years. He has 

done a lot of work with children, families and individuals. He also designed and ran kids spirituality summer camp for 

8 years which has taught children many quantum physics and spiritual concepts, meditation and mindfulness practices.

His children's summer camp, Spiritual Renaissance Kid's Summer Camp, teaches children mindfulness and quantum physics concepts in a fun, exciting way.  Children learn how to use their personal energy and power in positive and uplifting ways incorporating magic and the ways of the force!

Spiritual Renaissance Kid's Summer Camp has two new themes this year, 

Jedi Training Academy, 

and Ilvermorny School for Witchcraft and Wizardr

(Harry Potter's "American Hogwarts".)

Follow these links to check them out: 

Individual sessions are available for:



Hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to the needs of the client. They can help with: stress relief, smoking cessation, 

weight loss, releasing anger, trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, manifesting a better life, past life regressions, etc.

Reiki and Sound Healing-

Brien’s reiki energy healing sessions are a combination of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki energies.  The sessions are 

accompanied by Brien's Crystal Chakra Tuned Singing Bowls and Karuna Reiki chanting and toning which amplifies and 

strengthens the energetic cleansing.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping)-

Brien's individual EFT sessions use EFT and a blend with the Sedona method to help move through blocked issues in your 

life to help you to move through any issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, trauma, ptsd, 

fears, anger, and past trauma.  It can also help you to manifest things in your life by clearing blocks whether spiritual 

or emotional so that you can help reach your goals.

Life coaching/counseling- 

A combination of counseling, energy work (reiki and karuna reiki), EFT, Sedona method, hypnotherapy, qi gong, tarot, 

visualizations and meditations to help with any physical, emotional or spiritual malady affecting your life.