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Mindfulness in Schools Programs 

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The T.A.R.A. Program

Teaching Awareness Reaching Acceptance


To transform an individual’s personal and social emotional awareness to foster compassionate action to the world.


The mission of the TARA project is centered in helping individuals to be able to build and sustain attention and focus in the fast paced world without succumbing to the stressors of school and technology. This is accomplished by empowering people to have mindful awareness of themselves and their emotions when interacting with the world and one another.

Our society has become ever more distracted with devices and increasing technological advancements and this is creating dissonance in our ability to not only relate with one another on a personal, one on one manner, but also in our ability to help one another from a lack of emotional awareness and compassion. People will often avoid actual interactions in favor of using our electronic devices and there is a disconnect in our ability to truly express ourselves emotionally. This lack of real personal connection is creating a lack of compassion due to our inability to be self aware.

This program seeks to teach people how to become conscious of their emotions and those of others in order to make meaningful connections and have positive relationships in their lives. In order to achieve this, the participants will work on three levels, fostering focused attention on the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels, creating a sense of mindfulness, categorized by a full, detached, open sense of awareness, and through developing compassion for other people.

Core Goals:

  •  Teach people how to become aware of themselves and their actions

  • Teach people how to become aware of their emotions

  • Teach people how to become conscious of their interactions with other people

  • Teach people how to understand the effects of their emotions and interactions on others and themselves

  • Teach people how to accept other people regardless of their emotion or demeanor

  • Teach people how to communicate their emotions in a positive manner

  •   Teach people how to cope with difficulties in interactions with others through compassion

Core Components:

  • Awareness building exercises and activities to create focused attention

          (attentive awareness, attached, redirected thinking)

  • Awareness building exercises and activities to foster mindfulness         

             (open, full awareness, detached but conscious)

  • Awareness building exercises and activities to develop compassion

          (awareness of other’s needs, and desire to help others)

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